A Guide For Newcomers Entering the Thrift Game

I have been thrifting ever since I can remember, and it has always been a special part of my life. When I was a kid, my parents would wake me up early on Saturday mornings, and our family would pile up in a car and hit up the best antique shops, thrift shops, and all the best yard sales in Hamilton and the surrounding areas! It wasn't uncommon for us to stop at the side of the road to go to some yard sale in the middle and JUST "look" as my parents would say but I guess that apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! I'm thankful for those early Saturday mornings though because my parents showed me how to finesse my way around a good bargain!

Thrifting introduced me to conscious shopping and made me aware of how fast fashion impacts the earth. So in a conscious effort to do my part, I have incorporated thrifted finds into my every day fits! I think that as much as thrifting can be an exhausting and exhausting hobby, it is worth it when you find something amazing to add to your arsenal of clothing! It's also a great way to reduce our economic footprint!

As we know, this thrift game ain’t easy #BrickSquad, so that’s why we are sharing some thrift tips that have helped us since opening our online shop!

Now to get to the nitty-gritty, we have put together a few tips, you could call it more of A Guide For Newcomers Entering The Thrift Game!


Before going to the thrift store have a look at your closet! Are you able to let go of a few items? If so, donate to your local Value Village, or hit up a consignment shop to see if you can swap some of your preloved garments for some extra cash!

It’s important to have a goal when you’re dedicating the day to a thrift haul! You want to focus on the items you want to look for as well as stay on budget. Oh yeah, by the way, did we also mention set a budget?

Also a huge plus, Value Village often has 50% off day on Mondays. If you subscribe to their email list, they will send you updates on sales and promotions. We usually like to shop on these days as we can buy more and stay on budget!

Men’s Section

We do a lot of our shopping in the men’s section when we go on our hauls. We get the occasional weird look from the other gentleman while browsing, but we know that we are digging for gold! Men’s clothing is ultra-comfortable and we are both fans of oversized shirts and athletic apparel! Read more on thriving in the men’s section here.

Look for the Peacock

Even though we have go-to sections we hit up at every thrift shop, we have become masters at spotting the “peacock”.

Thrifting can be very time consuming as well as overwhelming; especially when you visit 3 or 4 stores in one haul. It can be tiring, but you’ll also start to develop a knack for finding what we call a “Peacock”. Much like the feathers of a beautiful peacock, a “Peacock’ can be a rare colour, texture or pattern you spot while out thrifting! To efficiently “Peacock” we scan aisles and look for items that catch our eyes, instead of looking at every individual garment!

Part 2 is coming, so stay tuned on our blog to find out more tips and tricks on thrifting!

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