The 411 on Thrifting and Sustainable Shopping in Hamilton

We were inspired to start a business that shows the potential and purpose that upcycling brings. We find tremendous value in venturing off to the thrift store to fill our wardrobes with one of a kind second-hand gems. Not only does thrifting have a positive social and environmental impact, but it’s also budget-friendly too!

Benefits Of Thrifting

  1. Easy on your wallet
  2. Environmentally friendly (reduces waste and pollution)
  3. Diversify/expand your wardrobe
  4. Find genuine revival/vintage pieces
  5. Slows down fast fashion
  6. Turn thrift pieces into DIY projects to create trendy pieces

Where To Buy Second-Hand In Hamilton

Where To Shop Sustainable/Conscious In Hamilton

Our Favourite Thrifting Kings And Queens

How To Make A Difference/Where To Donate

There are so many ways to make a difference, we can’t keep up! We are constantly learning about great upcycling opportunities and initiatives, both locally and beyond. Whether you’re looking to donate or make a dollar, there is something for you below!

Clothing Swaps: You bring clothes, you get clothes. It’s that easy!
Where To Swap: The Pale Blue Dot, The Hearty Hooligan, at a friend’s house (that would make for a cool party!).

Donate: After that closet purge, you know what to do!
Where To Donate: local thrift stores (Value Village, Salvation Army, Talize), Hamilton Interval House, to someone in need (or shelters in need).

Sell: If you want to make some coins, try selling your old clothes!
Where To Sell: Plato’s Closet, ThredUp, Depop.

Clothing/Fabric Recycling Programs: Have some old textiles laying around and don’t know what to do with them? DON’T toss them away! Some companies have recycling programs that will repurpose them.
Where To Bring Old Textiles: H&M, Zara

Our goal is to inspire more people to slow down fast fashion! If you have any information you think we should share on this page, let us know! It’s imperative that we continue to keep the wave going on our end, be resourceful and lead by example as best as we can. 

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