Thriving In the Men's Section

Let's talk menswear...but make it chic!

This is the Director of Drip, coming to you with my best-kept thrifting secret - shopping in the men's section. There are many reasons why I love men's clothing. I started my style journey borrowing (okay, sometimes stealing) my brothers' coolest pieces to bring out the tomboy in me. It felt authentic to wear their Kappa jackets, jerseys of all kinds, wrestling shirts, athletic shorts, and the list goes on and on. I was playing off of my interests while building a sense of confidence to be myself and I learned how to start Thriving In the Men's Section while doing it!

Fast forward to the woman I've become, and the only thing that's changed is the clothes don't belong to my brothers - they belong to me now. The greatest form of self-expression is looking and feeling like yourself. I feel the most me when I mix the beauty of being a woman, with the edge of a man's garment. There's just something about it.

So, let's dive into where the "boyfriend" fit really originated, shall we?

The best part about the men's section is that you find an array of different fits, styles and colour ways. You get the luckiest when you find someone's secondhand treasures from the 90s because they're bold and full of so much drip, it's like you're getting hand-me-downs from the OGs themselves. It allows you to get creative and think about your wardrobe in a new way.

For me, I'm a curvy gal. I need extra fabric in specific (MOST) areas that women's clothing sometimes can't provide. I love the oversized look, but notably, oversized shouldn't mean too big. Be sure to choose a men's size that makes the most sense with your body type, and gives you balance and proportion. Once you do, go for it! Style an oversized shirt with a skirt, a bralette with flowy swishy pants, a denim jacket with that little black dress, etc. The options are endless - you just have to own it!

Need some inspo? Click here or here!

Beyond the details, what are my staple and go-to pieces?

What I love to thrift in the men's section are:

1) Graphic tees

2) Sporty bottoms like tearaways, track pants, and swishy pants

3) Blazers, because if Rihanna wears them as a dress, then so do I

4) Outerwear like sporty jackets and windbreakers

5) Denim jackets (for the best-oversized fit) and jeans

A sense of style is found in one's ability to let go of fashion rules and norms to dress according to the palette of feeling and truth. That's why the men's section is my favorite place to fulfill every story I want to tell. It shows the versatility and gives me an edge when I walk into a room. 

Even if you don't go as deep into it as I have (I'm a poet, what can I say), this thrift trick is still helpful to add to your repertoire!

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